? femmefatalika - world wide women of punk 320 bitrate 24/7/365 demand the misunderexpected
webstream down at the moment
i'm fucking sorry
stay entertained by masturbating to the facebook feed here yo
there's like ten thousand posts
so you could spend the rest of your
pathetic life right here
order a pizza

fixed id3 tags on mp3s - yeah, i fucked them up
i think, using tag and rename, or media money, or
beatunes, or songkong, or some fucking program.
i was gonna say fuck this and bail on this webstream
but i still listen to it myself, and we've got
somewhere around what? 25-30 people every 24 hours.
so fuck you world, i still comin for ya
my computer crashed. lost most everything.
can you tell my attitude sucks. didn't lose that
anyway stick around for awhile.
7/3/2017 a cute girl with gorgeous hair

research into ios and android shoutcast players
some interject commercials, some dont
some play 320 bitrate over 3/4g, some only over wifi
some have equalizers, some are upside down, some try too hard
and take too much cpu and you can't stand it
here's my list so far:
*tunemark - okay but no 320 unless wifi, not working at all lately
*tuned radio - so far so good, but wrong art, ugly splash screen
but plays 320, no buffer problems and and equalizer, c'est tres bien
*tunein - fucking commercials but plays your titles if you give them you api
but i don't listen to tunein - they just make money off me, which is dont
since i don't advertise
*streema - maybe okay, i forget
*anything shoutcast - problem usually is cheap backers
with no equalizers - they all suck
they want you to pay but have buffering issues
say 'fuck you to all ios apps!!! --------------------------------------------
moaning lisa writes
Hi! I'm in a band of predominately queer women
love what you're doing! Here's our facebook
a rather chill piece - inadequacy

dakota access pipeline burst
noam chomsky says gop being anti-science
makes them more dangerous than isis

--where was i--
everything happened today
where was i
i was listening to you lie
smaoking crack you toasted
the dreams you had roasted
the backwash from your lungs
your tongue
your guitar runs
we're both lesser now after it all
while everything happened
i sat here and watched you killing
my buzz
--kcbernhardt - nola--

looks like i went into jupiter dasha
i have jupiter in tenth house something
supposed to be good in jyotish - eastern astrology
or so i had hoped for many years - turns out according
to parashara my jupiter is fucked too
oh well, anyway i forgot what i was gonna say
oh year, you can contact me through the email below
or my twitter or facefuck account
don't be shy; lots of people give me things to play.
i'm all for it. it's 3,000 years of recorded history
women are still treated like second raters
i am trying to promo y'all, in the hope that
you get it into your hearts and fingers to ply
instruments. i'm still waiting for the female jimmy page
i would like a band crossing dawn robinson with metallica
there's not enough black hard rock female leads
to my knowledge only deborah anne dyer (skunk anansie).
what can i do? not much, but i can at least put women
in rock out there.

all my best friends were and are women.
i feel no humility in saying that.
i want to hear you. email me with music
my playing now app expired so now i'm gonna blog here
i will put info up
hands off gretel writes:

hands off gretel's lauren tate

Hey KC we are going on a spamming mission right
now telling everyone how they can help us release our
new music video totally DIY using a site called THUNDERCLAP
(hilarious name). Don’t worry, we aren’t asking for
money or spamming you with pointless stuff basically all
you have to do is click share on our Thunderclap profile
and thunderclap will automatically share our music video on
your profile on the date of the release causing a
HUGE H.O.G bomb on social media cutting through everyday
clutter of the internet world & hitting the largest
reach possible. This is a totally new way of bands releasing
their music to the widest audience possible and we are
trailing through all our messages to reach the biggest
audience we can (It’s taken forever to do this haha)
so please watch this video and then follow the link
to help us release our new video ‘BAD EGG’ on the
18th April using THUNDERCLAP! Thanks so so much!!!
Love – Lauren, Sam, Joe & Sean! Xx

watch hands off gretel's new vid
hands off gretel facebook
femmefatalika is a webstream showcasing old and new
female fronted punk and avant garde bands
yes sometimes there's some hard rock and metal
the fact is that there's a real diverse reconaissance
of rock, the point being to show how rocking
the femmes fetales are
i listen to the stream myself, and it never gets old
tunes are changed every couple weeks
listeners recently were from usa, uk, russia, chechnya,
brazil, japan, romania, peru, and france, mainly
there's been about max fifteen listeners lately
i tried to get apple and amazon associates but they
both turned me down - they don't approve of
punk rock - fuck them!!! this webstream is supported by me
and me solely kc bernhardt - listeners beware
hardcore women await

here's a picture

------------------------------------------------- 6-14-2017
new playlist - right now at 120 songs, but as with before
will have around 900. then i am going to stop randomizing
. as i have been retagging all songs with key sig and bpm
furthermore i will start having times for genres like
evening jazz hour

stay tuned
plus email your bands music to get your led out
on dirble
on tunein
on live online radio

tungs10 - you will never be

--somewhere down the line--
and in the background the world was burning
tossing and turning, always yearning
we were the tomb raiders all day
going through the trash of ages
so called civilization had never gotten pased adolescence
killing off everything was the political expedience
while we gnawed the bones of obedience
we were drugged into complacency
and couldn't raise a care to ask why

somewhere down the line we'll have a smile
with a friend for a short while
we will have some drinks in heaven
if two bucks can buy em
cause ours will be a cheap heaven
but if we can just get off our feet
for a second and breathe
we are born to run and we are taught
to ask others for all our answers
we are never taught to sit still
and to listen to ourselves
--kcbernhardt - new orleans

--you crashed and burned--
you crashed and burned motherfucker
you burned it at both ends bitch
you bragged with white snot nose
while you smoked packs of geeks

you crashed and burned motherfucker
i wish you hadn't, you were a facile
party loving antecedent - were always
ready to pound another round
with a needle in your vein

you shoulda cut back, got some slack
meditated or concentrated on your future
a bit
but you quit

you crashed and burned
like an indy driver on the berm
car smashing the wall flipping all on fire

you crashed and burned like a rocket
off course leaking liquid oxygen
into the explosive spin
--kcbernhardt - new orleans


copyright all rights reserved kcbernhardt 2016, 2017, 2018
all rights reserved except for the right for you to fuck right off for free
in this world only fucking yourself isn't taxed!!!